Tips on How to Use the Guided Dialogue Worksheet

Use this interactive form to prepare printable worksheets

The Guided Dialogue Worksheet is an interactive PDF form file that can be used online or saved to your hard drive as an interactive form. (see note below about viewing PDF files)

To use the GD Worksheet, simply select the text in each box and start typing. You will be able to use the GD Worksheet as you read through the Guided Dialogue Walk Through because it will launch into a separate browser window. Once you launch the interactive PDF GD Worksheet you can simply go back and forth between windows by using the ALT+Tab key combination.

When working with the GD Worksheet, you must print out your work in order to capture it for later use. At this time there is no way to save a completed GD Worksheet to your computer but you can save the interactive PDF form for later use. [As a registered user of the Guided Dialogue Wizard, you will have the capability of saving your dialogues in an online database for later use or emailing them to a mentor or others.]

[The following links will open in a separate browser window on top of your original browser window allowing you to continue viewing the website. Use the ALT+TAB key combination to switch between browser windows.]

Launch the Guided Dialogue Worksheet              

PLEASE NOTE! If you do not have the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ plugin for your browser installed you will not be able to view these Sample Dialogues. To get the Acrobat® Reader™ please click on the icon below which will take you to the Adobe® website page that has instructions for downloading and installing this free plugin for your browser.


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